About Me


  • My name is Yimei Xiang (向伊梅), pronounced as [i: mɛɪ, ɕiɑŋ].
  • I’m an Assistant Professor at Rutgers Linguistics, specialized in formal semantics, syntax-semantics interface, philosophy and language, and Chinese & East Asian linguistics. I study how meanings are drawn from complex structures, and how logic is manifested in human languages. I completed Ph.D. in Linguistics at Harvard Univ. in 2016 and B.A. in Chinese at Peking Univ. in 2010.
  • My current research program focuses on the following topics:
    • questions with complex structures;
    • questions under attitudes;
    • higher-order readings and mention-some readings of questions;
    • polarity items and free choice items;
    • multi-functional words in East Asian languages;
    • compositionality (categorial, variable-free) and binding
  • CV (updated to July 2022)
  • Email: yimei.xiang AT rutgers.edu

Updates of research projects

My work on questions, free choice, and the Mandarin particle dou, starting from my 2016 dissertation Interpreting questions with non-exhaustive answers, have been superseded by peer-reviewed journal articles, with substantial reworking and rewriting. For details, please visit this page.

Recent & Ongoing